A brief overview of the major casino games through history

. Blackjack

Looking for a classic card adventure? This is it! Due to Cervantes claiming it to be among his masterpieces in 1601, experts date its origin back to the 16th century.

The trick here is to not accumulate more than 21 points as you face the dealer for the closest hand, and hope they do not acquire an Ace because this will just land you in trouble!

. Slots

Even with technological advancements, this classic game has persevered and even hiked up its gaming levels. The game was invented by Charles August Fey in 1887, and over the years, slots has gained uncountable different titles.

This game has software companies competing to have the attention of players who seek more and more annually. Our all-time favorite, the progressive jackpot slot will have you holding your breath to grasping your opportunity to millions with every spin!

. Roulette

Its name originating from the French, despite the Chinese and Roman cultures disputing this, the roulette showcases elegance and wealth. From Humphrey Bogart all the way to Sean Connery, this game has its place among the top based on its numerous on-screen appearances. Spin away the jumpy ball and embrace your luck as it falls on your number once it has bounced over the entire wheel!

. Video Poker
Video Poker

With various cultures alleging the origin and authorship of this game, it becomes one classic casino game with an interesting history worth researching about. However, the poker we know originated from the US sometime in the 18th century.

The bluff being its biggest celebrated feature consists of strategizing on your lying game. This involves tricking your opponent by having them think that you are about to win or convincing them of your strong hand so that they get to fold their hands when you have the ultimate pair of cards on the table.

. Baccarat

Originating from the French, it gained popularity from our esteemed 007 films writer, Ian Fleming, who occasionally included the game in his movies. It basically involves reaching as close to a 9, based on specific rules.

Now that you are acquainted with these casino game types, you can easily beat the house with a favorite!

. Craps

A tittle so difficult among the casino games, it can prove quite difficult to know how to play. Yet, it basically comprises of tossing a few dices and with luck on your side, you correctly predict the outcome. The challenges set in when it comes to understanding its odds and gambling accordingly.

Whether it’s real or fake money you are gambling with, there are certain casino games types that will not become obsolete despite future technology advancements. We often see them in TV shows or movies and even read about these games on books.

Here is an outline of the most entertaining and popular games in the casino industry!